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Can someone tell me what happened to Liam’s arm??????

So you remember a while back I was talking about this guy who used to bey friend last year but then we drifted apart this year, but we had our free period together so he would always say hi to me but like he would sit and hang out with his friends, which is completely fine, but you remember that?

Well, recently we drifted apart again, and I snapchatted him today saying “hiiiiii” and he snapchatted back saying he liked my tattoo. So I replied with a “thanks” and also added that I had talked to him in a while.

I don’t know if that was weird or something I shouldn’t have said, but I just went for it and he replied saying “monday” and the next snap said “yesterday was my birthday” and so I wished him a happy birthday and he said thanks and them our convo ended.

I don’t know. Am I pushing a bit too much? Was telling him that I hadn’t talked to him in a while too weird and upfront?

I miss being his friend. He was always fun to talk to, and he never judged me by my weirdness and I could tell him almost anything. He was easy to talk to, but now I don’t feel like it because I feel like we drifted apart and he doesn’t want to be. But I don’t know.

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9 pictures of Zouis that make me want to jump off a cliff

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I just really want Zayn to talk about all the things he’s ever wanted to say to anybody. He could rant for a whole fucking hour on why he thinks hulk is the best marvel character ever and I swear to god I’ll listen so well and I won’t interrupt him. He could talk to me about why he likes skating and singing and i don’t even fucking know. I just want Zayn to talk and talk until his voice gives out and I swear to god I won’t stop listening

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Do you guys think I should invest in some sort of business?

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i love typing because my fingers make that cool sound and i seem professional

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